Fishermen caught a huge 100-year-old catfish. What was found in its belly?

They went fishing and came back quite satisfied of their catch

Every fisherman understands a big catch in his own way. But residents of the Czech Republic Alphonse Brzozowski and Marek Zdanovich can boast of a truly unique result of their fishing.

They went to the river, and were satisfied. By 8 a.m. there were already almost a dozen pike in their cage, and the men were determined to come home not empty-handed. Suddenly the biting stopped. Moreover, even the smallest fish, which was usually a lot, was not caught.

The fishermen were about to go home when they suddenly noticed a bite, a strong one. Marek took up the fishing rod, and a second later he was knee-deep in water.

When the men took it upon themselves to pull their catch together, they were shocked. A giant catfish was pulled ashore, the length of which was at least 3 meters, and the weight was more than 200 kilograms.
But what Alphonse and Marek found after ripping open the belly of the fish surprised not only them, but also everyone who found out about this case. Among the numerous remains of the fish were human bones, as well as an SS officer’s badge and several metal buttons.

According to experts, the catfish is at least 90-100 years old, and swallowing a person for a fish of this size is really not a problem.

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