Man spent all his savings to save the life of his four-legged friend…

This man had no relatives left, so his only soulmate was the dog who lived with him

Cats, dogs and other animals that we get are considered pets. And wearing such a title, they are automatically deprived of all rights and freedoms. For some they are not just pets, which, for example, perform the role of a watchman, but a real friend or soul mate.

This man had retired and was living alone in his house. He had no relatives left, so the only soul mate was the dog who lived with him.

One day the dog suddenly felt ill and lost consciousness. The man immediately contacted a veterinarian. They examined the dog in the clinic, but the results were disappointing. The dog had less than six months to live, he had a serious heart disease. A complicated operation was required for treatment. The veterinarian didn’t have proper qualifications, so he refused to undertake the operation.

The man never gave up. He began to look for doctors in the USA, as well as around the world. Finally, he managed to find an experienced veterinarian in Japan. But the cost of this operation exceeded $50,000.

The man had such a huge amount in his retirement account. The fact is that in the USA there is such an opportunity as the withdrawal of pension savings after retirement age.

The owner withdrew all the money, to a single penny, and used it all for the treatment of his friend.

The operation was successful. The dog has recovered and nothing threatens his life anymore.

The man has not a penny left behind, but he does not regret a bit spending all his money on the health of his four-legged friend.

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