Kitten was trying to calm down the nurse after a long shift

The cat felt how exhausted the nurse was, and tried to help him

Ahmed Flaty is a nursing student at an Egyptian hospital. COVID-19 emergency and long 12-hour workdays have been a real challenge for the young man.

Ahmed was enjoying the sunset outside after his shift, when suddenly a stray cat approached him. The guy was confused a little. As if the cat felt Ahmed needed him.

“I was catting with one of my friends outside the hospital where we are interns. Then this adorable kitten approached me. Ahmed mentioned, that the cat’s behavior was quite unusual for Egyptians.

“Stray animals are treated horribly in Egypt. So it was weird to see a cat come to a person just like this. Especially, when I was not offering it food”.

The nurse was not moving, while the kitten was lying on his arms. And after about 20 minutes, the lovely animal left, having decided that her job was done there.

After this pleasant encounter, Ahmed was really excited to work at the hospital, even if the working shift was 12 hours.

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