Groomers turned this dog into a little fluffy cutie

These groomers change dogs beyond recognition!

Do dogs actually need groomers? This story proves, that the answer to this question is “yes!”. Any dog, no matter the size and appearance, will turn into a cutie after visiting this dog salon.

Let’s take this little poodle as an example. People often compared him with Hagrid form “Harry Potter”. However, after getting a new haircut, he turned into a real cutie.

This is him before the hairstyle:

Hagrid’s transformation was filmed in a video and posted on the SHU AND TREE YouTube channel. Here you can see other videos of dogs getting haircuts.

This is him immediately after washing and combing:

Let the process begin!

The groomer’s work requires a lot of concentration and care.

We’re getting close to the final result!

All done!

Look at this handsome guy!

Before and After

The dog has changed beyond recognition!

SHU AND TREE is a professional dog groomer channel, and this is not their only makeover.

Here’s another work of these awesome groomers:



They have completely changed!

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