Dog’s barking saved a little porpoise in need of help

Dogs are sensitive, intelligent and quick-witted animals

Dogs are real lifesavers. They are sensitive, intelligent and quick-witted.

But they also need our attention, love and care. They are even ready to sacrifice their own lives for their owners.

The hero of this story is a springer spaniel named Leia. She spotted a porpoise on the seashore while walking with her owner.

The dog barked, calling his owner to the shore. The man followed her to see what was happening.

This happened on the beach near Criccieth, Wales. When Rich, the dog’s owner, approached the dog, he noticed a creature that looked like a dolphin. Later it turned out to be a porpoise.

Rich released the porpoise back into the sea. At first, the mammal faced some difficulties moving in the waves. But soon it got used to them.

Rich decided to wait a little bit on the shore with Leia, to make sure the porpoise is safe in the water.

Leia received extra treats for her heroism. Rich mentions Leia is much smarter than some other dogs.

The story of Leia’s heroism went viral on the internet. People praised the dog and her owner for their kindness.

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