Baby zebra comforts an orphaned baby rhinoceros

They became each other’s family

A zebra and a rhinoceros at the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary have developed friendly relationships and help each other to recover.

As reported in December, Daisy was found alone in Kruger National Park (South Africa). Only a few hours old, she was taken to the shelter’s emergency room. The baby needed proper care, feeding and treatment.

Daisy, however, was not the only orphaned baby in the clinic.

“Modjaji was taken to the reserve’s intensive care unit in November. After heavy rains, he was found immobilized and barely breathing”, reported Lowen Bowker – the spokesman of the Sanctuary. “Modjaji was only one week old”.

The two orphaned animals became close friends, and started taking care of each other.

“Rhinoceroses are sociable creatures. And Daisy loves communicating with Modjaji. They get along with each other very well.”

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