Dog was returned to shelter along with his bedding and toys

Fortunately, the cute dog has found a permanent home

This dog named Wall-E was once adopted and taken from the shelter. However, after 3 years, the owner brought him back to the same shelter with his bedding and toys. No one knows what reasons the owner had, so we cannot criticize him for this act. But one thing was obvious – it was really hard for the previous owner to part with the lovely dog after all those years. The man was heartbroken and came to the shelter all in tears.

The shelter manager posted the dog’s story on the Facebook account of the shelter. He was sure that the owners simply couldn’t find time for the dog.

The poor dog was very scared the first day. He spent the entire night barking in his kennel.

The shelter posted a photo of the dog saying that he was looking for a new loving family. The photo went viral very quickly. 2 months later, a woman expressed willingness to adopt the cute dog.

She wanted to visit the shelter and get in touch with the dog. The woman immediately fell in love with Wall-E and decided to adopt him. She had another dog with her, and the two of them, luckily, got along just fine.

Now the dog has a loving permanent family who sincerely love him.

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