20-year-old cat was adopted from the shelter

Elderly animals can also bring joy to us!

Everyone adores baby animals. They are probably the cutest creatures on earth. Many people adopt newborn animals without considering their health condition in future.

And when we adopt older cats, we already know they are going to need extra medical care. People usually adopt younger cats thinking that it will be easier to take care of them. Meanwhile, older cats have already-fixed personalities and are more developed.

Our hero is Dexter – a 20-year-old cat who is here to break all the stereotypes about older cats. Everyone will adore Dexter and fall in love with him from the very first sight.

His current owners initially wanted to adopt a small cute kitten from the shelter. However, they changed their mind right after meeting Dexter.

His white nose and black paws….everything about him is adorable!

They had no idea how much their dogs and the whole family would love Dexter, when they first brought him home. He is a loving, caring and compassionate cat.

Dexter lived in the family for two years. They will always remember him with love and affection. Dexter proves that elderly animals can also bring joy to a family and that we should not avoid adopting them too.

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