“No one will dare to mess with her!”: Kitten grew up with huskies and now thinks she’s a huge dog

Just look at her “brutal” face! She’s such a cutie!

We are used to seeing dogs and cats as rivals, but they can also be great friends. Take this cat as an example. She has been living with three Husky dogs since her birth. And now the cat thinks she’s also a huge and brave dog.

Cozy used to be a helpless, lonely and a miserable kitten. Later she was saved by the owner of 3 Huskies.

The big guys take care of their little sister and love her sincerely.

Cozy happily plays with her big brothers, thinking that she is also one of them. Their owners adore their friendship. Believe it or not, Cozy is also very strong. She can live without her big brothers. They have given her their love and a lot of confidence. The Huskies helped Cozy overcome all the difficulties in her path.

No one will dare to mess with Cozy when she’s around her guardian brothers.

Just look at her “brutal” face! She’s such a cutie!

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