Dog got lost, then was found in a local shelter a year later

The owners found their dog almost a year after his disappearance

Jasper – an elderly dog – went missing 10 months ago. His owners lost all their hope after searching for him for months. Imagine their surprise when they received a call from the local animal shelter saying that they had found their long-lost dog.

The owners found their dog almost a year after his disappearance.

Jasper is 13 years of age. He lives in Maricopa County, Arizona (Southwest USA) together with his owners – Judy and Ginny. Every morning, after a walk, the owners take Jasper to play in a garden. In the morning on December 28, 2021, the dog was gone. He had probably gone out of the back gate.

“We searched in every corner, but to no avail. Ginny even made posters”, said Judy. “After many months of searching, we finally decided to face the facts”.

They were sure Jasper was already dead.

On October 23, 2021, Judy and Ginny received an unexpected call from one of the animal shelters in Maricopa County. They asked Judy and Ginny if they were still looking for Jasper. Then added, they thought they had found Jasper.

The owners immediately drove to the shelter. Jasper’s hair had grown a lot and were covering his eyes. However, he still managed to recognize his owners. Judy and Ginny had no idea where their dog had been all that time. The most important thing was that in the end they reunited with him.

They bathed the dog and then took him to a vet.

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