Dog dragged a heavy package to the door despite…

Another proof of how dedicated, smart and kind creatures dogs are!

There are many ginger dogs on the streets of Bangkok. Locals call them “yard dogs”, because they inhabit all the courtyards of the city. However, no one would ever imagine one of these dogs would become famous in Thailand thanks to his intelligence.

One day, Pugh was wandering around Bangkok as usual. He was passing through one of the city dumps. As an ordinary dog, Pugh also liked garbage cans. Suddenly, he heard unusual sounds coming from one of the trash cans. It interested the dog, and Pugh climbed into it to see what it was. He found a little package, where the noise was coming from. Pugh took grabbed the package with his teeth and took it to the nearest yard.

When he finally came across some people, he put the package on the ground and started barking loudly. One of the inhabitants of the neighborhood came out of her house to see what the dog was barking at. At first she wanted to get rid of the dog and his annoying barking. But as soon as she saw the package and heard the voice coming from it, she changed her mind.

It was a newborn baby. The baby is already fine, as they managed to save him. Doctors said, that but for the brave dog, the baby would’ve died there. Local reporters found out about the incident, and Pugh became a real hero. Even the city mayor was told about the wonderful story.

He promised the dog a nominal collar, so that everyone who sees the dog on the street, will recognize the hero.

This story is another proof of how dedicated, smart and kind creatures dogs are. Undoubtedly, dog is a man’s best friend and companion!

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