Shepherd dog avoided everyone until he met a rat

The dog is quite a strict parent

Sometimes, our hearts want to do something illogical. But even in such cases we should follow what it wants.

The story of this unique friendship is a proof to this. Osiris is a 3-year-old Shephard originally trained to be a lifeguard and a therapist. However, he refused to get in touch with anyone, until one day a rat appeared in his life.

Riff, the rat, was a newborn baby when he first met Osiris. Seeing the little rat, Osiris remembered his own childhood.

The owners found Osiris alone in a parking lot, when he was a little puppy. Osiris understood that the baby rat ended up in the same situation. The dog has taken part in the therapy of both people and different animals.

Riff is a decorative rat and can fit in his friend’s mouth. The owners think that Osiris is a rather strict parent. He never spoils his friend, but is ready to protect him in any case.

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