Almost all lonely dogs like to play with their rescuers

Not these two dogs are no longer lonely!

Not everyone sympathizes with abandoned animals. They all are able to love with a pure and sincere heart. However, their owners often don’t realize this and fail to take proper care of them.

It is common in some countries to see stray animals wandering on the streets all alone.

In this article we are going to talk about stray and lonely dogs from Greece. Some people noticed them on the street and tried to get in touch with them, but they didn’t trust anyone at all.

One day, Hermione from DAR Rescue went out to find a dog for herself, but instead found out something interesting. She was sure dogs would come up to her, but they turned out to be shy and even afraid of the girl.

She decided to leave the food lying there and then left the area with the intention to return the next day. It took her a few days, but she finally managed to tame some of the stray dogs.

Hermione named the dogs Margie and Anita. This is what patience can do for animals and not only. Not the dogs have a chance to start a better life.

Although the dogs started liking Hermione, they still didn’t trust her completely. They, in fact, didn’t want to be rescued. Then one of her friends helped Hermione get the dogs into the car and take them to a shelter.

Margie was suffering from ear infection. Anita also had severe health problems, although looked quite normal.

It took the dogs some time to recover.

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