Stray cat became popular thanks to his adorable smile

This cat looks like she’s always smiling happily

Karla DeWese was running in the morning, when she came across a furry ball not far from the cornfield. The woman couldn’t leave the poor creature lonely and hungry. So she took the cat with herself and named her Milky.

“I took her home, washed and fed her. The next day I took her to the local vet clinic”, said Karla.

Turned out Milky had to undergo several quite expensive operations. The first operation was a success. However, after the second one, the cat woke up completely blind. Fortunately, her sight came back to her very soon. In addition, the black spots on her face started reshaping. As a result Milky always looks smiling happily.

The owner says she’s in fact really happy. Karla spent in total $7000 on the cat’s treatment, and she never regretted a penny. She’s happy to be the owner and caregiver of such an adorable, loyal and beautiful cat.

Karla has created social media accounts, where she constantly posts photos of the lovely happy cat. They have already gathered a few hundred followers.

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