Dog lost his eyesight and the cat became his guide

Their friendship grew stronger after the tragedy

Probably everyone knows about guide dogs who help blind people move around. And who guides blind dogs?

This blind dog is lucky to have such a great feline friend, who helps him move around by meowing. Blue, the dog, lost his eyesight in 2020.

Fortunately, his owner had a cat, Sally, who later became Blue’s guide. The owner mentioned that even before Blue went blind, he would often “invade” Sally’s personal space and tread on her paws. This got worse after the tragedy. As a result, the two pets couldn’t get along.

After Blue’s eyesight loss, the two of them got closer to each other. Sally tried to avoid being walked on, and now she is Blue’s perfect guide and best friend.

After getting blind, Blue started concerning about his hearing. But he’s happy to be able to hear his guide’s voice. Sally might not be the cutest and kindest cat on the planet, but she sincerely loves Blue and always tells him about it. I think it’s the most wonderful thing in this world.

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