“The scene was very depressing”: Husky rescued a child left alone in the park

This husky became a real hero!

This heroic dog was the only one to notice the newborn left alone in the park in England. It turned out that her mother just didn’t want the child anymore.

Terry Walsh was walking his husky in the park when the dog spotted the baby. The dog started acting weird. Doctors mentioned that the baby was only a few hours old.

The scene was very depressing. Fortunately, the canine’s natural skills saved the life of this innocent child. Terry was shocked after hearing the baby crying in the bushes.

The man immediately called the police to take the child and give it proper treatment in the hospital. Fortunately, the baby didn’t have any serious health problems. However, the police couldn’t find the mother. As the dog had found the newborn several days before St. George’s Day, the medical staff named the baby George.

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