“She is obsessed with her dogs”: Woman organized a birthday party with her 11 dogs

This was the best birthday party in Diane’s life

This picture depicts the real happiness. Diane, an elderly woman from Brazil, celebrated her 89th birthday party at home with her best friends.

Apparently, the woman likes animals very much and accepts these dogs as her friends. She keeps 11 pets at home. All of the dogs are kind, loving and very energetic.

Diane’s daughter doesn’t mind her mother living with so many dogs. She is even happy with their presence. The daughter decided to plan a birthday party for Diane having her dogs as guests. This makes so much sense!

Here you can see Diane sitting at the table with her beloved dogs. There were dishes for people and for dogs. So everyone could enjoy the party.

The dogs were also happy to be a part of the celebration. Everything was perfect. This was the best birthday ever in Diane’s life.

Despite her advanced age, Diane is still obsessed with her pets, and the dogs reciprocate.

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