Woman adopted one stray cat and ended up having 8 of them

The cat’s motherly love and concern for her newborns always amaze her new owners

One morning, Sara was walking in her yard in North Carolina when she noticed a white cat. Apparently, the cat was in need of help. Sara soon found out she was with two of her kittens and was pregnant. The girl welcomed the unexpected guest into her house. However, she didn’t expect her to bring 5 more little kittens into this world in her house.

Sara later mentioned: “It was about two months ago that I adopted this cute cat and named her Elio. She brought two of her kittens with her. They seemed to be no older than a month”.

As Sara didn’t know what to do with the cats, she contacted animal rescuers and asked for help. They bathed her and her kittens and took them to a vet clinic.

The feline family very soon went back to their temporary home to live with Sara. They were still with Sara, when Elio gave birth to her babies. Then she moved out to live with another permanent family together with her babies.

The mother cat very soon got used to the new surroundings and feels great.

Her motherly love and concern for her newborns always amaze her new owners. The two already grown-up kittens of Elio live in different families now away from their mother. The newborns are still with their mother but soon they also will move out.

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