Dog’s owner appeared dressed as his favorite toy

The dog started dancing and wagging his tail from extreme happiness!

Carol is an amazing dog who knows exactly what he wants. He has a favorite toy – a plush duck. Carol can play with any other toy from his collection, but the dog wants nothing else but his favorite duck.

Carol’s owner told how the dog carries the duck with him everywhere he goes. “I had never seen him treat a stuffed animal in such a lovely way before. They are soulmates!”.

Considering the extreme love the dog has towards his plush duck, Carol’s owners decided to plan a pleasant surprise for the dog. They invited a bigger, fully animated version of the duck. The man ordered the toy suit from an online shop and appeared in front of Carol wearing it.

Carol was so excited seeing his favorite friend alive! “His reaction couldn’t have been any better!”, said the owner. Carol started dancing and wagging his tail from extreme happiness as soon as he spotted the huge duck. The owners were also happy seeing their dog smiling wholeheartedly.

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