Woman bought a customized aquarium for her cat

The cat probably thinks it’s a portal into another world!

The owner of this cat decided to buy a special aquarium so that her cat would be able to interact with the fish. The woman has recently bought the fish with the aquarium.

In the first month, the cat would just sit on a chair in front of the aquarium and watch the fish carefully. Eventually the cat’s curiosity increased.

Monica – the owner of the cat and the fish – needed the help of one of her friends. Jason had previously helped Monica with issues relating to aquariums and aquatic life. She invited Jason and asked for some advice. And Jason came up with a brilliant one.

The idea was to make a comfy corner inside the aquarium where cats will have a chance to examine the aquatic life from a closer view. In fact, Monica has a variety of pets at home. This curious cat is just one of them. She became the first to experience this fantastic view.

Monica later posted some shots of the adorable cat watching the fish play and swim in the water. The unusual space you see in the picture is what Monica and Jason have created for the cat.

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