Adorable baby barn owl photographed while running

The photo made everyone fall in love with the white fluffy bird

A cute and funny photo has recently gone viral on the Internet. It depicts a baby barn owl running as if it’s late from a very important business meeting.

Hannie Heere is a Dutch photographer from Dordrecht and the author of this adorable shot. The 63-year-old woman has always been fond of photography and this single photo has become her masterpiece.

Hannie noticed this adorable barn owl while looking for interesting scenes to capture. The baby owl was with fluffy chick feathers, so it could not fly yet. however, the little owl was old enough to walk and even run around its nest. The photographer was lucky to capture this cute creature on camera while running.

The photo made everyone on the Internet fall in love with the white fluffy bird.

“The baby couldn’t fly yet and didn’t seem to be afraid of me. I took the picture lying 5-6 meters far from it”, told the photographer.

Hannie never expected her photo gain so much popularity online. “I was in shock!”, exclaimed the woman.

You can enjoy more of Hannie’s works on her Facebook page.

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