Raccoon still visits its rescuer after 3 years

No matter the species, animals are usually passionate about people

A rescue team found this little raccoon on a motorway and rescued it. There were many reserves and animal shelter that agreed to take the baby. However, because of the size and the look of the animal, there were no chambers found for it.

Everyone was sure, that this animal had no place in the shelters and reserves. And they suggested a wildlife specialist named Joanna taking it to a vet clinic and putting it to sleep.

However, the girl wanted to save the life of the raccoon and was ready to do everything for this. I work full-time, but my mom has lots of free time so she offered me her help”, said Joanna.

Very soon the girl and the adorable raccoon became close friends. Although it was hard, Joanna decided to release the animal into the wild when it turns 18. And she did so. In the future, Joanna noticed something incredible – the raccoon started visiting its rescuer very often.

Joanna made sure the raccoon has something to eat, but she also decided to ignore the animal so that it stops coming back. But the raccoon happened to like the specialist too much and keeps visiting her till this day.

Do you think the raccoon will eventually forget about its rescuer?

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