This black dog was called ugly, but was very kind

Everyone in the neighborhood adored the little dog!

Cherchik is a little black dog with an energetic character and a kind heart. He lived in a house with his owners and was known all around the neighborhood.

He used to run around the town all day and come back home quite late.

One evening, his owners were invited to a friend’s house where they stayed till late at night. After the party, they came back drunk. It was a quiet, pleasant night and the spouses were walking back home.

They entered the house, and as the lights were not on, the woman suddenly stepped on something small and fluffy. It was a living being lying on the step. She got scared and screamed so loudly, that not only the husband, but also that living being lying on the step jumped from their places. The little thing started crying like a human baby.

After a few seconds, the woman came to her senses and finally realized that the creature was Cherchick. She calmed down when she saw him. And what about the poor dog? After all, the woman had stepped on the unfortunate animal.

Do you think Cherchik forgave his owners after the incident? Share you opinion in the comments!

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