Husky led his owner to the forest to show something

Husky became a caring parent for the newborn kittens

Whitney Bralee lives in Menlo, Georgia. The disabled woman has 3 children and a 3-year-old Husky – Banner.

One day, Whitney was walking her dog when Banner suddenly started barking and acting weird. He was trying to tell the owner that something was wrong. Banner wanted Whitney to follow him.

Then Banner led the woman to the forest. There Whitney noticed a small box in the bushes. The husky carefully took 7 kittens out of the box. They were not moving, so Whitney thought they were not alive. However, she took them to her house and fed them.

Whitney thought she would not be able to keep all 7 of the kittens together with her beloved dog. However, Banner was ready to help her in any possible way. The Husky took up the responsibility of taking care of the babies and became a true parent for them.

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