15-year-old cat was finally adopted by a loving family

The cat turned out to be very friendly and cheerful

This elderly cat was found all alone on the streets of New Jersey, USA. The cat looked exhausted and one of her ears was frostbitten.

At the animal shelter, volunteers found out that the cat was really sociable and friendly. The lovely cat was named Barnaby. Shelter employees quickly fell in love with the adorable cat. Despite his impressive age, this cat can easily become friends with anyone.

The shelter posted Barnaby’s story on Facebook. Soon Ed Sheehan and his wife Claire at Sheehan saw the post and got interested in the cat. They immediately contacted the shelter and told they wanted to adopt him.

As soon as Barnaby appeared in Dr. Sheehan’s office, he started walking around the room as if he had lived there his whole life.

Barnaby is happy in his new family. Dr. Sheehan and his wife has a few reasons for adopting this exact cat. One of the reasons was, that they knew ordinary people wouldn’t like to adopt an old cat with health problems. First of all, it would cost them too much. Secondly, they would need to spend all their time and energy on the cat only. The spouses knew they would be able to take proper care of the poor cat.

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