Homeless man takes care of about 30 stray dogs

You are rich as long as you have a big heart!

Even the most generous people are not the richest if they lack love and kindness. You should never give up on these values even if life is full of negative moments. No matter how poor you are financially, you can always win the respect of people around you.

This became the case with Oleg. He is a poor man who takes care of 30 stray dogs.

Oleg says there were only 3 dogs under his care. However, over time the number reached 30. Although it was hard to feed them all, Oleg never gave up on his lovely friends. The man does everything to provide all of his dogs with everything.

When representatives of “Love Furry Buddies” learned about Oleg and his big family, they decided to meet the man in person. The rescuers, obviously, helped Oleg and his four-legged friends as much as possible.

Every day the organization volunteers bring food to Oleg and the dogs. In addition, they managed to find permanent families for three of Oleg’s dogs. Shelter and organization volunteers are actively looking for owners for elderly dogs too, although it’s much harder.

In order to prevent the increase in the number of the dogs, they decided to neuter the female dogs.

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