This huge cat is looking for a caring family

This huge guy needs loving owners

Meet BeeJay, the world’s biggest cat who is now looking for a loving and caring family.

According to Morris Animal Refuge reports, BeeJay weighs around 26 pounds, which is twice the weight of an adult cat. The shelter mentioned, that the cat is not overweight, but big-boned.

BeeJay is now in Philadelphia, waiting for his owners. The main problem is, that the cat requires much more space than any other domestic feline.

“Enormous! Mr. B! is a chonk. Can you imagine how much he weighs? And which is more important, could you at any point keep him in your house?

He is a literal bundle of cushion and love”, wrote the shelter staff.

Mr. B!’s personality is just as amazing as his size. The Philadelphia Police division has even suggested he joined the PAW Patrol.

“Well, in case no one adopts this huge cat, he is free to join our K9 Unit as its most memorable feline”, the Philadelphia Police division tweeted.

If you like this big guy, you can help him either by adopting or finding someone who would like to adopt him. Before official adoption, BeeJay will have to spend a few days with his adoptive parents.

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