Dog helped fawn survive in difficult situations

This dog has the kindest heart in the world!

Everyone knows that German Shepherds are highly intelligent and extremely loyal to humans. However, this German Shepherd named Sergeant has expressed willingness to take take care of small fawns and stay loyal to them.

Cheryl is a wildlife rehabilitator. She often welcomes injured and orphaned animals into her house and treats them until they recover.

This is a rather exhausting and important job, but Cheryl has a wonderful assistant – her Shepherd named Sergeant. Sergeant likes to spend time with all the animals that his owner brings home. However, this fawn became his favorite. He “adopted” the deer and took care of it as if it was his own child. He eats, sleeps and plays with it all the time.

Cheryl’s first patient was a kitten named Buckwheat. Sergeant was happy to welcome his first friend and immediately approved the kitten.

Before Cheryl, Sergeant used to help Cheryl’s mother with the same job. She was also treating wild animals until they recovered.

Cheryl has an Instagram account where she posts stories about all the animals she takes care of.

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