Not worth the money: Family refused to pay $30 for their pet

Dog are always active and playful as long as they have caring owners

Timon is a blind dog that was found in Los Angeles. The poor dog was in complete shock learning the he had to live on the streets. Animal rescue organization took the dog to a shelter and managed to find his owners. The owners wanted to get their pet back but refused to pay the $30 charge for his return.

As the owners said, the dog was not “worth the money”. Timon was upset to learn his beloved humans had abandoned him. Poor Timon got even depressed when for a long time no one wanted to adopt him. After several months of treatment, Haimi, a local woman, agreed to take care of the dog.

Haimi had never expected to have a pet like Timon. Although Timon was blind, Haimi soon found out he was a very friendly and energetic dog. The dog regained his belief in human kindness.

Timon is happy with his new owner. He lives surrounded with love and care. We should not forget, that dogs have a great sense of smell and blindness in no way affects their active lifestyle. They only need kind and caring owners and a safe place to live.

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