Golden Retriever gave birth to unusual cubs

The dog decided to surprise her owners!

Sam and Kate are employees at an animal shelter in South Carolina. One of the dogs had recently been adopted. She spent some time with the new owners, then started to change a little.

The owners figured out she was pregnant and were looking forward to the birth. After a while, Rose gave birth to 4 healthy and adorable cubs. However, one thing surprised the owners: None of the cubs looked like their mother, not even with the color of their fur.

Mostly, the cubs resembled Dalmatians, although they weren’t even covered with spots. Kate and Sam jokingly referred to the babies as cows.

Rose’s owners were excited to habe little golden puppies. However, Rose decide to surprise everyone. Apparently, she was madly in love with the father Dalmatian, and gave birth to little Dalmatians.

Rose turned out to be a very kind and caring mother. As soon as the pups grew up, their owners started looking for new homes for the puppies.

Aren’t they adorable?

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