Koko the Gorilla learned sign language and loved cats

The world will never forget this amazing gorilla

Koko the Gorilla, born in 1971, became famous for her ability to communicate in sign language. The adorable gorilla, unfortunately, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, at the age of 46. “Gorilla Foundation is sad to announce the death of our beloved gorilla Koko”.

“Gorilla Foundation is sadly announcing the death of our beloved gorilla Koko”.

This adorable gorilla managed to amaze the whole world with her love towards languages. Koko loved communicating with people. During her life she met a lot of new people, and all of them were amazed by her abilities.

She was a great proof of how intelligent and caring gorillas actually are. Also she proved that gorillas in many ways have a lot in common with people. Robin Williams once shared an interesting conversation with her.

Koko was also known as a cat-lover.

“She taught humans a lot about the emotional intelligence of gorillas and their cognitive abilities to shape the world”, mentioned the Gorilla Foundation.

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