Lovely Friendship: Racoon befriended a lonely fawn

Their friendship is wonderful!

Carrie Long is a wildlife rehabilitator. Last year, she received a call about a baby racoon that needed some help. At the age of 3, the baby lost his mother and later was found during a heavy rainstorm.

Carrie has a non-profit organization “Texas Fawn and Friends”. The organization rescues orphaned deer. However, this time, they decided to adopt the poor baby racoon. The staff named the racoon Jasper.

“We were not sure whether Jasper would survive or not”, told Long.

Although Jasper is already old enough to live independently, he still wants to stay at Carrie’s organization.

And here is Hope, she also lost her mother in her childhood.

“Jasper adores this deer. He rushed to hug and kiss her whenever he sees Hope. They are so cute!”

Enjoy this video of the adorable friends!

Long says they see each other every single day. “Hope visits him every evening and they lie down together. Their relationship is just wonderful!”

This year, the organization is planning to welcome over 100 abandoned fawns. They would probably not survive, if Long and her organization didn’t help them. The organization not only rescues the fawns, but also gives them a chance to succeed in life. “I like my job!”, says Carrie.

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