Poor dog spent 12 years in chains waiting for a miracle

Finally, the dog received what he actually deserved!

Hope For Paws received a call telling about an elderly dog that had been living in chains hungry and thirsty. Later it turned out, that the dog’s owner had passed away 4 years before. The man had asked one of his friends to take care of the poor do, but the man turned out to be irresponsible. The 12-year-old dog was diagnosed with severe skin problems.

Poor dog was covered in dirt and had no teeth. The dog got the name Roger. He received a proper treatment and care in a shelter.

Before joining his new foster family, Roger took a proper bath and got ready. Currently, veterinarians are treating the dog for anemia, intestinal рarasites, ear and skin problems.

Thanks to the help of all these kind people, Roger has improved both physically and mentally.

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