Lonely deer begged the kind family for help

This lovely fawn will never forget his foster parents!

Every spring, mother deer give birth to fawns and their population increases greatly at that period. In order to protect the newborn deer from predators, mother deer hide their fawns for several weeks. They regularly return to their fawns and feed them.

After the birth, the fawns stay with their mothers for a year. And the mothers feed them 3-4 months.

In May, 2020, Dawn Rasmussen’s husband heard a fawn’s crying, while he was outside of the house. Suddenly, a little deer ran up to him and stopped by his side.

Dawn and the man named their little guest Thor. They contacted a veterinarian to ask for help. After a while, they realized that the baby was completely lonely. Dawn came to the conclusion, that Thor’s mother had died, because they usually do not leave their fawns. “He came to us on his own, and that was a bad sign!”, explained Dawn.

The veterinarian didn’t have much free space for Thor, so he had to go back to Dawn and her husband. They were happy to adopt Thor and take care of him.

“I spent the first month in the tent with him, so that he was safe at nights”, added Dawn. The woman used a bottle to feed Thor goat mil every three hours. As soon as Thor turned 4 months, his foster parents released him into the wild.

Thor was free to roam around and come back whenever he pleased. “He was nearby and whenever I called him, he would run up to me and take his bottle of milk”, the woman sad.

Currently, Thor is already 2 years old and is Dawn’s closes friend. He has joined a deer herd where he managed to find his sister.

However, Thor always finds time to visit Dawn and spend some time with her. One day he returned home with an injury. Dawn took proper care of him and their bond grew stronger. Very soon Thor recovered and was able to run and jump with others. Now he leaves the house for a longer time.

Thanks to Thor and their friendship, Dawn realized how important and valuable nature is. She started t appreciate her environment and the importance of animals in the world even more.

“I enjoy every moment I spend with Thor”, said Dawn.

Here’s a video of Thor and his foster mother. Enjoy!

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