Stray dog cuddled a lost little girl to save her life

She was lucky to meet such a caring and smart dog

This 10-year-old girl disappeared from her house without a trace. Fortunately, she found an amazing method to warm up in the cold weather and survive a snowstorm.

After a while, the police and volunteers found the girl together with a stray dog. The girl had got lost on her way home from school because of a snowstorm. At night, the temperature reached -11°C and if not the roaming dog, the girl wouldn’t have survived.

Volunteers and the police managed to find little Vika 18 hours after leaving the school building to go home. The girl was cuddling a stray dog to keep warm.

“Vika and the dog were lying under some boards trying to survive the snowstorm and the frost. The girl was found at 8:45 a.m. the next day of her disappearance. She had frostbite and was immediately sent to hospital.

“Vika has always adored canines and used to play with the neighborhood dogs. She went to meet the dogs after school and ended up in the middle of heavy snow. The girl left the hospital the same day, as she was feeling much better”.

As soon as the stray dog is found, he will receive some treats and a shelter as an award for his good deed.

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