Girl rescued a dog on her way home from school

If only she could take care of all the stray dogs on the planet!!

Mayane Rodrigues from Brazil witnessed a very emotional and kind scene out of her window on a rainy day. A girl stopped on the sidewalk, put down her umbrella, hen took off her backpack and her coat. Then Mayane noticed that there was a stray puppy lying in front of the girl and realized, that she was trying to help the poor animal.

The girl was Cibely. Her mother later explained: “She surprised me when she arrived home completely soaking bringing a puppy with her. I noticed some blood spots on he clothes, and she told me that the puppy was injured”.

Luckily, the injury was not a serious one. Proper care and love could treat his injury. And Cibely knew she was the one to provide the dog with such love and care, so she decided not to leave the puppy alone.

Rejane Stiegelmayr, Cibely’s mother told that the girl has a big kind heart and takes care of stray dogs. The family welcomed Pretinho, the stray dog, with open arms.

Thanks to Cibely, this dog found a loving family and his life changed for the better.

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