Huge dog plays with little kitten in a kind and sweet way

Great Dane found himself in the company of tiny kittens

Usually, when we use the expression “these two are like cats and dogs”, we imagine these people fighting. There is a wide-spread idea that cats and dogs can never get along with each other. But this Great Dane dog and his tiny friends proved everyone wrong with their cute and very sweet relationship.

Bagheera is the name of our kind and huge dog. He was lying on the floor, trying to take a nap, when suddenly, several tiny creatures surrounded him.

Those were newborn kittens that were just trying to get to know their surroundings. Bagheera’s huge size was the first thing to ever amaze these little things. To figure out what the huge black thing was, the kittens started to carefully approach it.

Bagheera could easily get rid of the annoying kittens with one blow. After all, the kittens were so tiny, it was unlikely that they could withstand their huge opponent. However, instead of such cruel measures, the dog gently caressed the kittens with his paw.

He was so nice towards the kittens! Even their mother was sure that the dog would never hurt her babies.

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