K9 Jester retired after surviving a dangerous mission

This dog is a real hero and a legend!

Jester is a Belgian Malinois dog. Since 2016, the dog has been working with the El Cajon Police Department. Recently, the police department has prepared a farewell ceremony for the brave dog. K9 Jester attended the event with Officer Randall Gray and Sergeant Mike Murphy.

The heroic dog has saved dozens of human live during his service. Jester has set a record with 465 building searches, 121 high-risk stops, 45 drug searches, and 197 arrests.

Sounds nice, but the path to all these great heights was too dangerous for the dog. During his las mission, Jester got stabbed in the throat. His coworkers immediately took him to a special vet clinic. Here he received proper treatment and care and 3 weeks later was ready to get back to work. The officers admit they are going to miss their favorite and devoted companion a lot!

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