Husky seeing his adorable puppy for the first time

He is a caring and protective father

The love of a father towards his son is unconditional and just adorable. This is true even for animals.

Meet Gohan, a Siberian Husky. Here is his reaction to his little son. The dog has a YouTube channel where he “posts” videos from his adventures.

Gohan also discusses his family life with his subscribers and fans. He is in for a new chapter in his life. At the beginning of the video, Gohan’s owner tells him the pleasant news trying to film his reaction.

Gohan was going to meet his son for the first time. His owner had already picked up his son from the vet clinic. Both the dog and the owner were excited to meet the new member of their family.

The puppy himself didn’t know that his father was waiting for him, and didn’t know who the human was that picked him up. Finally, the sweet moment came. For the first time, Gohan looked into the eyes of his son, who looked just like himself.

The father didn’t know how to react and what to do, as he was new at this. He started sniffing the puppy to know him better. Gohan always follows his son wherever he goes and never leaves him alone.

He is a caring and protective father.

The puppy was happy to accept Gohan in his life. And Gohan has got used to the new dog and even lets him approach him. The big Husky is grateful to his owner for the opportunity to be a father.

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