This gorilla stayed with her rescuer all her life

We will never forget this adorable gorilla!

This mountain gorilla became famous in the whole world after taking a selfie with an anti-poaching ranger. Unfortunately, the adorable gorilla passed away at the age of 14. The gorilla died in the arms of her rescuer. Virunga National Park shared a heartbreaking photo of the man and the gorilla showing their incredible bond for the last time. In the photo you can see Ndakasi resting her head on the chest of André Bauma, her rescuer and protector.

Everyone’s favorite Ndakasi passed away on September 26, after being ill for a very long time. Ndakasi became a symbol of hope and determination. The gorilla was brought to Senkwekwe in Virunga Park when she was 2 months old. One of the park rangers managed to save her life from poachers, after her mom was shot to death.

Mountain gorillas in Virunga are considered endangered species. Over 600 anti-poacher rangers have dedicated their lives to protect this species from poachers. André was one of the rangers and over time a beautiful relationship developed between him and Ndakasi.

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