Husky met his owner’s newborn for the first time

How a cute relationship develops between dogs and children

Pet owners get really excited and happy when their pets get along with their children quite well. Here is a husky that was going to meet his human brother for the first time. People usually are proud of their pets accepting the new human appearing in their family. However, they also worry about the child being afraid of their furry friend. And what if dogs keep barking at the baby every time they meet!? Even worse… what if the pets attack the baby?

However, if you have watched or read stories about the relationship between children and pets, you might know that such scenarios are rare to happen. At first, dogs are afraid of the tiny people, but very soon they get used to them and even fall in love with them.

Meet Teddy, a Husky that lives with his Malamute brothers, Phil and Nico, an his human brother Milo.

In the video below, you can see the first encounter of the dog with their human brother. However, before the meeting, the owner had to instruct the dogs and calm them down. The parents decided to present the dogs one at a time do that the baby would not get scared.

At first, they allowed the dogs to sniff the clothes of the baby to prepare them for the meeting. The dogs had already felt that some changes were going to happen in the family as the mother was pregnant. Dad also showed them the stroller, which they examined first, then started sniffing.

Phil and Nico had already gone through such changes before this, but it was the first time for Teddy. So the parents decided to start with Teddy. The sweet husky is the youngest of the dogs.

Here comes mom with the baby!

First, Teddy sniffed the father then the child. Teddy was intrigued to know who or what the baby was. And the most interesting question was – why is it not covered with fur?

Dad held Teddy’s head, so that he wouldn’t get too excited and wouldn’t accidentally hurt the baby. Teddy immediately realized, that he had to remain calm next to his little brother. He jumped on the sofa, sat next to his father and started kissing him.

Most probably he hasn’t figured out who the tiny creature is yet. But if his parents trust and love the small creature, then he should behave the same way.

Here is a video showing Teddy’s reaction to the baby’s first appearance:

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