Horses met their best friend after several years

These horses proved that true friendship never ends

Three horses named Arthur, William and Harry have been close friends since birth. Their owner is Sue Blagburn from Great Britain who loves them sincerely and is prod of all of them.

Unfortunately, Sue found herself in a very difficult situation and had no other choice but to sell one of the horses. It was Arthur.

Sue had taken care of Arthur since his birth and she missed him a lot. The other horses also missed their beloved friend. As soon as Sue dealt with her problems, she immediately bought Arthur back.

Arthur was finally home and it was interesting how he would react to seeing his friends again. What if they had already forgotten each other. After all they were still little ponies when he left. They had been separated for 5 years.

The old friends proved that all the concerns were meaningless. Harry immediately recognized his friend and ran to greet him. William followed him and joined this heartwarming reunion. They hugged each other and started playing.

After 5 years of separation the three friends were finally together in their hometown. They are happy to be together and this makes Sue happy too. These horses proved that true friendship never ends no matter how many years may pass.

So beautiful and touching!

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