Lost dog walked 200km to see her family once again

Finally the dog found her happiness!

This dog walked over 200km to reunite with her family.

Maru was born in Novosibirsk, Russia and grew up in Krasnoyarsk. The dog believed, that the people she used to see every day since her birth would always be her family.

However, these people decided to get rid of the dog for good. They filled an application to send the dog to a shelter, writing that they were allergic to dogs.

They threw the dog into the Trans -Siberian Railway train that was heading to Novosibirsk. Maru found a kind person in the carriage who was ready to stay with her until they reached their destination.

However, Maru managed to escape near Achinsky. She jumped out of the train and ran into the forest.

Her companion shouted at her but the dog was already far from the train.

The woman on the train new the dog’s owners so she contacted them. However, the owners didn’t care about the dog. They had abandoned the dog and it looked like the woman on the train took responsibility of the dog. Morozova, the woman, posted about the dog on social networks and hoped to one day find her.

Finally, they managed to find Maru in Krasnoyarsk – the district where Maru used to live.

Maru turned out to be injured, probably while she jumped out of the train.

When the volunteers rescued Maru, she was really exhausted and starving. Imagine the pain and sadness that the dog might have experienced while roaming alone.

Fortunately, Maru managed to find her birth town and reunited with her mother and siblings.

Morozova learnt about this and was really happy for the dog. Maru is now with her family and lives a happy life.

We hope that such cruel crimes will no longer be committed!

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