Rare white whale noticed for the first time in a while

Miracle of Nature!

We usually picture whales in gray-blue, but take a look at this wonderfully beautiful white whale!

Migaloo was first noticed in 1991 and since than has been spotted in Australia. And recently, the lovely whale delighted his visitors once again this time off the southern coast of Victoria.

There are no completely white whales in the world, but this humpback whale Migaloo has a distinct color. And the name Migaloo means “white guy” in several languages.

Migaloo might sometimes return to Australia before the expected time. “We are not sure, but it might happen that Migaloo is a part of the eastern species that migrates at this time of the year”, explained Dr. Vanessa Pirotta, a marine scientist.

You are lucky if you ever happen to see this incredible creature with your own eyes! He amazes everyone with his dazzling white color which reflects the ocean.

People want to learn more about this incredible beauty and his uniqueness. Migaloo is very friendly and is usually seen with his friend Milo. Such a great creature!

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