Touching scene: Baby koala hugs his unconscious mother

His tenderness was effective!

Lizzy – a pregnant koala – was run over by a car in Australia. She ended up with lung and face injuries. Fortunately, the people were kind and they took her to a vet clinic. Luckily, the baby was not hurt, and as he was too small, vets decided to leave him with his mother.

When the baby saw his mother unconscious, he wanted nothing more but to hug her tightly. Phantom – the baby koala – stayed with Lizzy during the whole treatment process. He constantly hugged and kissed her, and his tenderness was effective.

The surgery was successful. Lizzy very soon recovered and they went home.

Maternal love is precious! And what about a child’s love toward their mother? Employees were touched deeply seeing this scene.

However, the baby koala didn’t really understand what was going on and why his mother was not moving. Imagine how happy he was when Lizzy finally woke up and hugged her baby.

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