Gorilla expresses her love toward her baby

Animals also have feeling!

Animals, like humans, show love and tenderness toward their cubs and protect them with the cost of their lives. The Calgary zoo visitors witnessed a very cute and at the same time funny scene. A Gorilla mother hugged and kissed her baby before throwing him into the air. She seemed to be showing off her baby in front of the crowd. Some people managed to take a few shots of the loving family.

The visitors were in shock, but they adored the mother gorilla and the way she expressed her love.

As animal lovers, we do not want to see wild animals locked in cages. However, in some cases this condition is better for the protection of their species.

Some people suggest releasing the wild animals at the zoo into the wild. But there are also those who believe that zoos provide much safer environment for endangered species. Zoo have developed breeding programs that help them prevent the complete disappearance of specific species.

In exchange for freedom, wild animals receive better protection. Hopefully, one day when their population is restored, they will be back to their natural habitats.

Back to our mother gorilla! She is an amazing mother! With such maternal love, gorillas and other animals are able to grow strong and healthy creatures.

Some people still think that animals have no emotions and no soul. However, they keep proving everyone wrong. They love is unconditional and sincere!

Here is a video of the mother gorilla and her baby:

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