Adorable photoshoot taken by Andrea Zampatti

The beautiful and peaceful part of the wild!

Winter brings peace and happiness to many people and animals, as well. The charming creatures in this photoshoot definitely enjoy this time of the year!

Andrea Zampatti is a wildlife photographer. He usually takes pictures of different animals that live in the northern hemisphere. Andrea includes all these adorable shots in his collection “Laughing Dormouse”. In 2017, this collection won the Comedy Wildlife Photography award.

He noticed this little happy creature resting on a flower. Andrea managed to catch the perfect shot when the rat was either laughing or yawning. It is impossible not to smile while looking at this adorable photo!

Zampatti adores not only mice, but many other species too.

It seems that Andrea has a special talent of capturing animals on camera at the cutest and perfect moments. From a curious bear waiting for the man to hug him, to a wolf in the Yellowstone National Park with his tongue out.

The man perfectly demonstrates the beautiful and peaceful part of the wild with his adorable photoshoots. This is what people need during the hardest times of their lives.

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