Bear takes her children to swim in the lake

Obviously, they didn’t want to bother anyone around

Lake Tahoe in California is a great place to swim and take a sun bath in summertime. Norma Alvarez and other local people are aware of this, and so is this bear family.

This extraordinary scene caught the attention of all the people resting on the shore. Who would imagine seeing a bear swimming in the lake with her cubs?

The bear didn’t look timid of afraid of people around her. On the contrary, she smiled at everyone and walked into the late to enjoy the warm water. The cubs seemed to like playing in the water. Their behavior showed that this was not the first time the bear family was spending time in the lake. People kept filming the adorable creatures and taking pictures.

After a while the mother bear took her cubs out of the lake and left the beach as if nothing strange had happened.

The scene was strange and beautiful at the same time. Everyone has the right to swim in the late no matter the species. Obviously, they didn’t want to bother anyone around. Other mother would probably do the same thing in hot weather.

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