Mother elephant finally reunited with her cub

Cubs should not grow up away from their parents!

Elephants live in herds (families) and should not be separated. Moreover, they belong to the wild!

This young elephant was separated form her mother when she was just a cub. Fortunately, she managed to reunite with her mother after 3 years.

This elephant is Mebai, who is already 3 years old. She had been separated from her mother for 3 years. Usually, in some Asian countries elephants are a means of transportation, especially for tourists. That is why, many elephant cubs happen to have the same fate as Mebai.

During the first three years of her life, Mebai had to gain lots of weight to be able to carry tourists on her back. This resulted in the little elephant having health problems. Because of her poor health condition, Mebai had to give up working.

Sangduin “Lek” Chailert, an animal rights activist, started looking for Mebai’s mother. Very soon she found out that her mother, Mae Yui, worked in another tourist camp 60 miles away from her. Chailert contacted the head of the camp and agreed on the family reunion.

Both elephants were happy to see each other again after so many years. They started caressing each other, but they were also afraid to be separated again.

The camp employees felt sorry for the elephants and decided to let them stay in the reserve together until they are ready to return to the wild.

Here are some adorable shots of the heart-warming reunion. Many people expressed their happiness for the elephant family.

Nothing can separate these animals emotionally!

Hope they will stay together for good!

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