Mom bear introduces her cubs to her human friend

There is a special bond between this bear and the man

Friendship between humans and wild animals seems to be a wonderful phenomenon. The reason is, it is difficult for both sides to trust each other. But if people do not try to hurt wild animals, they also do not try to attack.

This strange and cute story is a proof that not all bears are as dangerous and aggressive as we imagine them. Sometimes they are really kind and tender, just like this mother bear.

Patrick Conley from Asheville, North Carolina, somehow managed to make friends with a black bear. Simon, the bear, often visits Patrick, and this time she decided to bring her cubs with her.

The bear comes from the forest. As there are no stairs in the forest, Simon had to teach her cubs how to climb them to reach Patrick’s door.

Patrick couldn’t believe his eyes, when he saw two other miniature Simons playing with the big Simon in front of his house.

“These cubs are the cutest creatures that have ever existed in this forest. But still the scene was really strange”, said Patrick.

Simon accepts Patrick as a family, that’s why she decided to show him her cubs. Imagine how strong their friendship is and how much the bear trusts this human, that she confidently brought her cubs to him.

The babies were still a little afraid to jump on the porch and explore the area. After spending a little time with Patrick, Simon said goodbye to him and the adorable family returned to the forest.

There is a really special bond between these two unique friends.

Here is a video of the sweet meeting:

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